On Sept 2, 2015, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with a full room of interesting and interdisciplinary scholars and colleagues about the state of Digital Humanities in North America. The conversation ranged wide and far, starting with my shoestring digital archive and concluding with looking at blogs by Digital Humanists. The age old question, and even Steve Ramsay’s dictum came up: does a Digital Humanist have to code? The conversation was surprising for both sides, but the colleagues in attendance were so varied that I was heartened by the sheer interest in not just content concerning Digital Humanities projects, but also the attendance and interest by, among them, computer science and the supercomputing lab (!). Formal details are below as was in the announcement. Below that are the varied links and websites that we traversed for ease of reference. What a wonderful evening of discussion about Digital Humanities!

Location: Besprechungsraum, Bavarian Academy of sciences
Sponsored by Prof. Dr. Hubertus Kohle
Dekan der Fakultät für Geschichts-und Kunstwissenschaften
Institut für Kunstgeschichte
LMU München

Title: Digital Humanities and Visual Culture
This symposium will focus on Digital Humanities projects literary and visual cultures and is based on Dr. Harris’ work on the 19th-century British literary annual and the subsequent digital archive. Over the last 5 years, Digital Humanities in North America has evolved into discrete arenas based on disciplinary need. Harris pulls together work in visual culture to demonstrate the primacy of the material object through her digital archival work.

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