Update 4/26/12: Video from the ReHumanities 2012 conference & Storify of tweets


Yesterday, I delivered the second plenary for the Re:Humanities 2012 Conference. The audience was 30 or so undergraduates from various colleges and universities, including Haverford, St. Norbert, Stockton, San Jose State University, Middlebury, and more. On the first day, Alex Juhasz spoke to us about her work on Learning with Youtube. At dinner, we queried Alex about calling this digital endeavor a “videobook” and discussed the necessary bookish-ness required to associate this born-digital work in the realm of scholarly monograph.

My talk circled around Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s interesting advice to “do the risky thing.” Though she was referring to graduate work, her advice travels well to the undergraduate — and the follow up advice to have a faculty member “have your back” is also well taken here. During this hour-long chat, I traversed my work as a nascent Digital Humanist, accidental digital archivist, a textual scholar, a print culture enthusiast and eventually related that building, tinkering, playful, collaborative set of ethos to my teaching. We perused a few of my students’ projects and discussed the interplay between verbal and visual critical analysis.

It really was more of a talk moving from my discovery of digital scholarship, Digital Humanities, digital pedagogy, and into student work that was already investigating the digital world without prompting from me as the instructor. Below are my slides. Some of them are familiar from my talks on the literary annuals. And the screen casts of the gothic stuff are available over on another post. The student projects can be viewed on my course web page.

When the audience suddenly shifted restlessly 20 mins into my talk, I thought it was because I was languishing on the literary annuals too long. Turns out, Twitter failed for them all simultaneously. So no tweets from my talk. But it was odd….I gauge my audience now based on the keyboard clacking?