1. All of the conversations about gender, Digital Humanities, coding, archives, silences, and the like have made me really begin to think about this sense of isolation that many technologists, alt-ac, and Digital Humanists may feel. This might come from the fact that some live on university campuses that provide no infrastructure for their work. Yet others may be isolated by the lack of funding for embarking on or continuing digital projects because the standards required for peer-reviewable material are unachievable in their current positions. Whatever it is, something else happened today to make me extremely aware (and frustrated)that perhaps there’s a real misunderstanding about just how destitute my university (and by that virtue, myself and my students) are in comparison to other public universities. I don’t mean how much I get paid or how many resources I have access to. Instead, it’s the social aspect: my students work full time; I teach a 4-4 load within an over-taxed department. My students lack some privileges that are provided at other universities. But, I’m less interested in complaining and more interested in finding solutions — because my students’ situation mirrors my own, and I don’t want to hand over the DH issues of my career to them.
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    Today, a stark reality hit me square in face: difference bw my type of univ & others & just how underfunded we are. not sure how to resolve
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 12:52:03
  3. Then Tanya posted about TEI and the importance of visualizing the page as a digital replication of the printed object.
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    I’m in the process of fighting for the importance of visualizing line and stanza breaks when visualizing poems. This is my life.
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:24:48
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    @tanyaclement fight the good fight!
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:26:26
  6. Kirstyn Leuner has kept me informed about her work at the UC Boulder Special Collections on women poets. The collection parallels the work I’ve done with British Literary annuals, the Poetess Archive Database, and the Forget Me Not Hypertextual Archive. We are always exchanging information while I’m waiting for my MS on the history of British literary annuals to wind its way through a publisher’s process.
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    in #wprp TEI encoding the letter we have from Mary Cockle to Jane Porter on Anna Maria Porter’s death (1833), w/unpubd elegy within
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 12:13:36
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    @triproftri Mary Cockle was a contributer to The Keepsake , it looks like #wprp
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 12:42:59
  9. Because I work on literary annuals (like the Keepsake) primarily pre-1835 and have amassed a private collection of literary annuals.
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    @KLeuner hmm, what year? after 1831? #wprp
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 12:49:22
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    @KLeuner ooo, fmn 1829, iris, & juvenile keepsake….interesting. can supply u w/fmn texts if necessary #wprp
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 12:50:44
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    @triproftri Looks like Mary Cockle (“Mrs Cockle”) authored a poem called “Woman’s Love” on page 289 of the 1829 FMN
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:07:12
  13. Kirstyn worked on the Poetess Archive Database doing TEI mark-up before she and I met virtually (via Twitter and Laura Mandell, general editor of the Poetess Archive Database). I have scanned images of the Forget Me Not 1823-1831 but not full text. Because each volume contains upwards of 300 pages of poetry, prose, engravings, and paratext, it became almost impossible to scan, encode, and embed (by myself) even those 25 volumes of the Forget Me Not with my heavy teaching load. So, the existing Forget Me Not Archive has scans and transcriptions (not TEI) of tables of contents and engravings, along with other materials relevant to a scholarly edition.
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    @triproftri great idea – do you have the xml, or I bet @mandellc does in Poetess Arch. Or perhaps linking to PA wd be best. Will think on it
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:01:16
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    @triproftri Act never mind — I can get the xml right off the web (and I might even have the file on my harddrive from PA work — ha!
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:01:50
  16. Those scanned images from the Forget Me Not Archive that were ported over to the Poetess Archive Database.
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    1829 Forget-Me-Not TOC bit.ly/xb4Bax find “Mrs Cockle” listed as author on page ix
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:08:23
  18. The poem:
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    @KLeuner yep, just 2pp. proly not accompanied by engraving. she wasn’t famous enuf to ask for an ekphrastic rendering, rt?
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:08:16
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    @triproftri nope, not famous enough (to my knowledge). Do you have this FMN in your personal collection?
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:09:02
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    @KLeuner excellent! don’t think the full text of the 1829 fmn is available, but toc & engravings shd b on PA, yes?
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:03:52
  22. Harry Hootman’s index of British Literary Annuals is indispensable; Prof. Hootman said yes to integrating his work into the Poetess Archive but we haven’t quite gotten to that yet.
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    @KLeuner yeah, and hootman’s index is pretty accurate. don’t think we got all of hootman into the PA db, tho. (? @mandellc )
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:09:06
  24. I receive a lot of requests for scans of the literary annual contents (about 4-7/year); because it’s just me, I can’t accommodate them and often send scholars to libraries that can handle the labor of such tasks. But, even those library collections are limited: NYPL CRL, British Library, University of South Carolina, Miami University in Ohio. Kirstyn, along with Lindsey Eckert, are working intensely with the literary annuals, something I haven’t seen from many graduate students. This is primarily because most scholars don’t have access to a significant run of literary annual titles and can’t really assess the genre. No access = little scholarship on the genre with the exception of entering via a canonical author such as John Clare or Sir Walter Scott.
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    @KLeuner yep…u know, I shd just send u list of what I’ve got so u can ping me if u need s/t. btw, all fmn images on PA are from my coll
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:09:40
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    @triproftri W00t! that would totally rock. It would be wonderful to supplement our data with some from your collection. I’ll keep thinking.
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:13:52
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    @KLeuner k…and do check out harry hootman’s index of british literary annuals: bit.ly/wkmGRF
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:16:20
  28. I’m getting a little tired of waiting for funding to do the work of mark-up that will take years to complete. I think I’d rather have dirty OCR or plain text of at least 600 British literary annuals so I can begin to ask some big, hard questions about the poetry, engravings, prose, authorship, editorial decision, bindings, etc. I’ve been waiting around for 7 years to find funding…and time. And, it’s time for me to stop defending the study of literary annuals to other scholars (believe me, I still get the “value” question at conferences) and get to work on the analysis.
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    @KLeuner I’m already itchin to have deep markup on those PA pgs — want to search across all annuals for compare lang by men v women
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:04:54
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    working on British literary annuals as a digital edition might be a lifetime/career’s worth of happy labor. So looking fwd to it.
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:28:30
  31. …and this is where I realized that because I’m isolated at my university and unaffiliated with a supportive DH center, my project languishes. This is a little bit of “it doesn’t seem fair” but also a query asking those who are offering standards for digital edition to recognize that there’s an economic impediment and inherently a class structure that’s becoming part of doing DH projects.
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    also thinking (don’t hit me) that TEI on such projects becomes a gigantic $ burden & debilitating hurdle for isolated or un-affiliated DHers
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:30:44
  33. Sharon re-tweeted my comment.
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    @sleonchnm any ideas on solutions? I’m all for standards & whatnot, but it seems nigh impossible to achieve them sometimes.
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:39:02
  35. Like the conversation I had with Ted Underwood, and shades of Matt Jockers’ DHC 2011 presentation about his work on Irish novels, Sharon offers a disciplinary distinction.
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    @triproftri I wish I knew. We historians tend to go for plain-text plus metadata, but that’s because of the scale of the collections.
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:40:43
  37. I wonder if trying to produce a digital scholarly edition is feasible given my current teaching position?
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    @sleonchnm yeah, I’m thinking that the 300 vols (x300 pgs/ vol) will never get OCRed even. Wd b so beneficial to text mine just plain txt
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:46:27
  39. Yes, Laura Mandell and I have tried for NEH funding on several occasions and to different departments…and it takes a turn for the philosophical…
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    …also apparent that some isolated DHers (like myself) may have to operate outside their institutional culture & only “sneak in” DH
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:33:31
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    “sneaking it in” is what many bk historians/textual scholars articulate for introducing these topics in the classroom.
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:33:53
  42. A colleague and I tried to publish a cluster of articles on this very topic with one of the major journals. The reviewers (non-book history people) were not kind in the reviews, indicating that the articles weren’t sophisticated enough in the pedagogy discussion for their readers. It seemed to further marginalize history of the book in literature curriculum.
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    how do we get around this sneaking into the classroom or abating the isolation issue w/severely underfunded scholars?
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:34:31
  44. Of course, I go back to what I’m teaching to my students (who receive no credit for their project…again, outside the institutional structure):
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    asking all of this bc the BeardStair grp will have difficulties crafting their digital project in TEI/XML bc of time/labor issues.
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:35:47
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    we created the BeardStair group outside the dept’s curriculum. rcvd kudos all over univ from admins/other depts but no financial support
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:37:21
  47. [deep sigh]
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    …am I forcing them to become as isolated as I am…or, at the very least, w/o a dept home? ugh, really want to avoid replicating that sit!
    Tue, Mar 06 2012 13:38:11