Myself, Jentery Sayers, Rebecca Frost Davis, and Matthew Gold got together with Nicky Agate of the Modern Language Association to talk about the history, development, and innovation of Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities. This labor of love project, five years in the making, is under contract with the MLA and being delivered for open peer review in batches with final publication by 2017. 

When we first began working on this idea in 2011, the technology hadn’t become pervasive-enough to facilitate a project based on keywords with 50 curators, an open editorial process, and an open peer review process.

Join our open peer review after watching this enlightening video that provides the history of this long-standing project in digital pedagogy! We’ll be at the MLA 2016 in Austin on Sunday, January 10. Stop by to chat with a few of the curators and dive into more keywords.