Every year, Digital Humanists far and wide across the globe choose a single day to blog about their activities. It started out 6 years ago as a demonstration about all the work that goes into doing Digital Humanities — and 6 years ago (March 2009, March 2010, March 2011, and March 2012), I started blogging about the teaching of Digital Humanities and the use of Digital Pedagogy to demonstrate that our kind of institution can have an impact in this type of scholarly field. (Grad students, I’m teaching a seminar in Digital Humanities to continue work on the BeardStair Project from Spring 2013 in Spring 2016.)

More below:

  • A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is an open community publication project that will bring together scholars interested in the digital humanities from around the world to document what they do on one day. This year, Day of DH will take place on May 19th. The goal of the project is to create a web site that weaves together a picture of the participant’s activities on the day which answers the question, “Just what do digital humanists really do?”
  • Participants document their day through photographs and text, all of which is published on a community online platform (which, for this year, lives at dayofdh2015.uned.es). Both during and after the day, people are encouraged to read and comment on their fellow participant’s posts. Eventually, all the data will be grouped together, undergo some light semantic editing, and released for others to study. We hope that, beyond the original online publication, the raw data will be of use to those interested in further visualization or digital community ethnographic research.

    Please help us reach out to DH-ers at institutions around the Bay!

    Sign up here: http://dayofdh2015.uned.es/
    Join the Bay Area DH group: http://dayofdh2015.uned.es/groups/
    Browse last year’s Bay Area DH posts: http://dayofdh2014.matrix.msu.edu/groups/sf-bay-area-dh/

Even if you’re curious about Digital Humanities, check out the blogs from last year and then this year. Feel free to blog about nascent Digital Humanities thoughts. The blog posts don’t have to be high theory — the entire project is a snapshot of various constituents in DH (whether they identify as DH or not).

We especially want students to join to demonstrate that students have an impact on teaching and learning in DH.

Happy end of semester!