Most of you know (and I say this in my bio) that I also do some sports on the side. I’ve long believed that sports offer a sense of camaraderie and collegiality that’s so very welcome in this sometimes harsh career. My moniker here and on Twitter reminds me to keep going in the face adversity or in the blessing of success. That, and a well-creased fortune that I keep squirreled away in my wallet on top of my driver’s license:


Well, I didn’t…for lots of things…and stuff happens when you don’t stop, whatever that may be. So here’s some non-professional good news that has nothing whatsoever to do with academic life (or does it?):



For the 2014 racing season, I’ve been selected for the Wattie Ink Elite Team along with over 100 athletes across North America. This sport keeps me going in the face of teaching too many students or the never-ending budget crises of higher education. Since I found triathlon training and racing in the NorCal Bay Area, my teaching has taken on a coaching aspect. And, if my students want to talk running, personal bests, achievements, I get to see that passion and encourage them to bring that to their studies. So, what does Elite Team membership mean? It means that the drive I bring to my training and racing, that drive to finish my doctoral work, the dedication to hang in there for tenure, the passion to finish that first book/scholarly edition, and the fortitude to get’er done for the second book, well, now it’s part of something bigger than me. Now, it’s the positivity of a massive group of athletes who push themselves and recognition of my hard work to get here, to this point in my life. When you read the other posts here, think about the fact that I’m outside running in the NorCal sunshine burning off the aggravations and daily strife of academia, that I can’t help but be congenial and generous if we ever meet at a conference or in the classroom.

Yep. This!!