The Forgotten Gothic: Short Stories from British Literary Annuals 1823-1831. Zittaw Press (2012)

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At long last this edition of Gothic short stories from British literary annuals will arrive on September 30, 2012 in October 2012. It’s been 5 years of much work in obtaining all 96 short stories from the most popular literary annuals published in London 1823-1831. The volume includes 26 engravings and all original page numbers to facilitate further work on this almost-invisible set of fiction.

I’ve been keynoting, writing, and blogging about these Gothic short stories for awhile now. It’s so exciting to finally see this editing work come to fruition. Though I struggled, I finally settled that this collection is not a scholarly edition. Annotating would have taken another 5 years because the short stories are so incredibly diverse from a myriad of authors. I leave that work to the scholars who will come after me.

The critical introduction highlights the popularity of literary annuals and supposes that the Gothic may have had a role (not just the poetry) in their economic success.  After some cursory data mining, the findings were astonishing. Stay tuned for another article on the relationship between femininity and the Gothic in literary annuals at a later time (after we have a chance to deep data mine all of the stories, which we now have in raw text). The engravings, too, seem to belie a different Gothic aesthetic, one that does not necessarily match the terror, horror, and sublime of late Romanticism. Criteria for selecting the literary annuals and delineating the Gothic-ness of the short stories is included in the introduction.

Zittaw Press was the only press that would allow me to include all 96 stories along with the 20+ engravings and multiple appendices. In addition, general editor Professor Franz Potter originally promised a reasonable cost to facilitate student use in the college classroom: $30

The volume is available now from Amazon. Thank you for all of the communities for their help in this project!

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List of Plates


A Note on the Text


Forget Me Not

Anonymous, The Magic Mirror. A Polish Tale, FMN 1823, 133-153

Anonymous, The Ring; A True Narrative. From the Russian, FMN 1824, 107-125

Anonymous, The Grey Palmer: A Legend of Yorkshire, FMN 1824, 232-237

Anonymous,Pernicious Effects of Fortune-Telling, FMN 1824, 319-329

Jewsbury, Maria Jane [?],The Grave of the Suicide, FMN 1825, 219-230

White, Joseph Blanco, The Alcazar of Seville and the Tale of the Green Taper, FMN 1825, 31-54

Harral, Thomas, Days of Old, FMN 1826, 107-115

T., A.D. ,The Fairies’ Grot, FMN 1826, 119-135

A Traveller, The Lady of the Tower, FMN 1826, 166-177

Flora, Bolton Abbey, FMN 1826, 19-26

Anonymous, The Phantom Voice, FMN 1826, 317-337

Thomson, Richard, Saint Agnes’ Fountain. The Romance of a Finsbury Archer, FMN 1826, 350-378

Stafford, William Cooke, Woman’s Love, FMN 1826, 62-77

Hofland, Barbara ,The Regretted Ghost, FMN 1826, 79-101

Roby, John, The Haunted Manor-House, FMN 1827, 133-159

Roberts, Emma, Maximilian and his Daughter, FMN 1827, 219-226

Neele, Henry, The Comet, FMN 1827, 239-267

Shelley, Mary or Maria Jane Jewsbury [?], Lacy de Vere, FMN 1827, 275-294

Dods, Mary Diana, The Bridal Ornaments. A Legend of Thuringia., FMN 1827, 393-416

Dods, Mary Diana, The Three Damsels. A Tale of Halloween, FMN 1827, 79-86

Inglis, Henry, Kathed and Eurelia. A Bohemian Legend, FMN 1828, 237-243

Harral, Thomas, The House of Castelli, FMN 1828, 339-356

Roberts, Emma,The Halt on the Mountain, FMN 1828, 362-378

Neele, Henry, The Magician’s Visiter, FMN 1828, 91-98

Bird, John, The Cornet’s Widow, FMN 1829, 131-144

Neele, Henry, The Houri. A Persian Tale, FMN 1829, 165-178

Rosa, Giuseppe Guercino, FMN 1829, 193-208

Inglis, Henry D., The Musician of Augsburg, FMN 1829, 235-244

Hofland, Barbara,The Maid of the Beryl, FMN 1829, 253-267

Anonymous, The Magician of Vicenza, FMN 1829, 273-283

Bowdich, Sarah, Eliza Carthago, FMN 1829, 57-64

Shelley, Mary, The Euthanasia. A Story of Modern Greece, FMN 1829, 95-120

Beevor, M.L., St. Feinah’s Tree. A Legend of Loch Neagh, FMN 1830, 155-163

Moir, D.L., Kemp, The Bandit. A Legend of Castle Campbell, FMN 1830, 209-227

Richardson, David Lester,The Soldier’s Dream, FMN 1830, 234-237

Barker, Matthew Henry, Greenwich Hospital, FMN 1830, 241-255

Thompson, W. G. ,Fanny Lee, FMN 1830, 261-271

Thomson, Richard, The Antiquary and His Fetch. A Legend of the Strand, FMN 1830, 279-302

Bird, John, The Convent of St. Ursula, FMN 1830, 361-379

MacNish, Robert, The Red Man, FMN 1830, 49-65

Galt, John,The Omen, FMN 1830, 99-105

Thomson, Richard, The Haunted Hogshead. A Yankee Legend, FMN 1831, 145-154

Bird, John, The Haunted Chamber, FMN 1831, 279-300

Stone, William L., The Grave of the Indian King, FMN 1831, 101-118

Beevor, M.L., The Benshee of Shane. A Tradition of the North of Ireland, FMN 1831, 123-136

Hesketh, S. K., The Smuggler, FMN 1831, 165-182

McNaghten, Captain Sir William Hay, The Sacrifice. An Indian Tale, FMN 1831, 193-213

Moir, D.L., Bessy Bell and Mary Gray. A Scottish Legend of 1666, FMN 1831, 361-370

Chorley, H. F., The Elves of Caer-Gwyn, FMN 1831, 73-95

Friendship’s Offering

Anonymous, Lanucci. A Tale of the Thirteenth Century, FO 1825, 247-260

Anonymous, The Laughing Horseman. A Tale, FO 1826, 109-134

Anonymous ,Forgiveness. A Tale, FO 1826, 240-247

Ainsworth, William Harrison, Rosicrucian. A Tale, FO 1827, 38-63

Gillies, Robert Pearch, The Warning. A German Legend, FO 1829, 93-105

Inglis, Henry Rodolph, Rodolph, the Fratricide, FO 1830, 200-211

Inglis, Henry Rodolph, The Unholy Promise. A Norwegian Legend, FO 1831, 115-125

Kennedy, William, The Castle of St. Michael. A Tale, FO 1831, 159-178

The Keepsake

Shelley, Mary, Convent of Chaillot: or, Valliere and Louis XIV, KS 1828, 267-283

Ainsworth, William Harrison, The Ghost Laid, KS 1828, 286-300

Scott, Sir Walter, My Aunt Margaret’s Mirror, KS 1829, 1-44

Scott, Sir Walter, The Tapestried Chamber, or The Lady in the Sacque, KS 1829, 123-142

Shelley, Mary, Ferdinando Eboli. A Tale, KS 1829, 195-218

Shelley, Mary, The Sisters of Albano, KS 1829, 80-100

Shelley, Mary, The Evil Eye, KS 1830, 150-175

Shelley, Mary, The False Rhyme, KS 1830, 265-268

Shelley, Mary, The Mourner, KS 1830, 71-97

Shelley, Mary, Transformation, KS 1831, 18-39

The Literary Souvenir

Anonymous, The Golden Snuff-Box, LS 1825, 127-148

D., L. , New Year’s Eve. The Omens, LS 1825, 159-175

Maturin, Charles, Leixlip Castle. An Irish Family Legend, LS 1825, 211-232

Ainsworth, William Harrison, The Fortress of Saguntum, LS 1825, 259-263

Ainsworth, William Harrison, A Tradition of the Fortress of Saguntum, LS 1825, 264-282

Moir, D.L., The Old Manor-House, LS 1826, 181-200

Hogg, James, The Border Chronicler, LS 1826, 257-279

Roberts, Emma, Rosamunda. A Venetian Fragment, LS 1826, 305-312

Anonymous, The Diamond Watch, LS 1826, 53-74

Roberts, Emma ,The Bridal of St. Omer. A Tale, LS 1827, 145-163

Wilson, John, The Two Fathers, LS 1827, 19-27

Croker, Thomas Crofton, Clough Na Cuddy. A Killarney Legend, LS 1827, 233-243

Moir, D.L., Auld Robin Gray. The Original Story, LS 1827, 301-322

Galt, John, The Witch, LS 1827, 97-102

Griffin, Gerald, The Dilemma of Phadrig. A Tale of the Shannon Side, LS 1828, 3-19

Moir, D.L., The Pneumatologist, LS 1828, 325-334

Maginn, William, The City of the Demons, LS 1828, 73-84

Anonymous, The Sisters, LS 1829, 1-33

Maginn, William, A Vision of Purgatory, LS 1829, 228-246

Loundon, J.C., The Grotto of Akteleg. A Hungarian Legend, LS 1829, 330-343

Bulwer, Edward Lytton, A Manuscript found in a Madhouse, LS 1829, 56-66

Griffin, Gerald, The Rock of the Candle. A Tale of an Irish Ruin, LS 1829, 73-110

Grattan, Thomas Colley, The Love-Draught. A Tale of the Barrow-Side, LS 1830, 1-19

Galt, John, The Confession, LS 1830, 202-207

Howitt, William, Ithran the Demoniac, LS 1830, 289-306

Inglis, Henry, The City of the Desert, LS 1830, 64-71

Howitt, William, The Last of the Titans, LS 1831, 116-132

Anonymous, Lady Olivia’s Decamerone, LS 1831, 17-30

References & Works Cited

Appendix A: Comparison of Gothic Content in the Annuals

Appendix B: Chronological Index of British Literary Annual Titles

Appendix C: Other Literary Annual Contributions by Select Authors of Gothic Short Stories

Appendix D: Chronological Index of British Literary Annual Titles

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List of Plates

Forget Me Not; A Christmas and New Year’s Present for 1826

            Days of Old,

            Woman’s Love

            The Regretted Ghost

Forget Me Not; A Christmas and New Year’s Present for 1829

            Fathime and Euphrosyne


Forget Me Not; A Christmas, New Year’s, and Birth-Day Present for 1830

            Greenwich Hospital

Forget Me Not; A Christmas, New Year’s, and Birth-Day Present for 1831

            Bessy Bell and Mary May

Friendship’s Offering: A Literary Album, and Christmas and New Year’s Present for 1829

            The Warning

Friendship’s Offering: A Literary Album, and Christmas and New Year’s Present for 1831

            The Mountain Torrent

Friendship’s Offering. A Literary Album for 1826

            The Laughing Horseman

The Literary Souvenir; or, Cabinet of Poetry and Romance for 1825

            Spain-Fortress of Saguntum

The Literary Souvenir; or, Cabinet of Poetry and Romance for 1827

            Auld Robin Gray

The Literary Souvenir for 1829

            The Sisters

            Minny O’Donnell’s Toilet

The Literary Souvenir for 1831

            The Narrative

The Keepsake for 1828

            The Convent of Chaillot, or La Valliere & Louis the XIV

            The Ghost Laid

The Keepsake for 1829

            The Magic Mirror

            The Tapestried Chamber


            Lake Albano

The Keepsake for 1830


            Francis the First & His Sister

            Virginia Water [1]

            Virginia Water [2]

The Keepsake for 1831